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Back Pain Client Testimonials

Natasha’s story:

“When I first came in I could not even move 2 inches forward or 2 inches back. After I left that first day I was able to bend“ Natasha

Julianna’s story:

“It’s amazing and it works very, very well. Dr. Venturino’s staff are very nice, it’s the best business I’ve ever been too” Julianna

Neck Pain Testimonials

Harold is a dentist. His neck pain started from minor trauma. The minor trauma of repetitive bending over his patients mouths.

Harolds story:

“I’ve been going through some treatments and have gotten a lot of relief. Feel like I’m part of the family now” Harold

Alex’s neck pain was the result of major trauma, an automobile accident.

Alexs story:

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Nick. He’s been very professional and caring towards us.”Alex

Headaches Testimonials

Harold’s story:

Alex’s story:

Dr. Venturino has been helping patients in the Tampa, FL 33613 area with headaches and migraines for over 5 years.