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Dr. Nick Venturino
Chiropractor in Tampa FL 33613
Answers Time Related Questions

What Are Your Office Hours?

Monday thru Thursday  9 am – 12 noon,  2 pm – 7 pm.

Friday 9 am – 12 noon.

We have a broad range of hours to fit anybody’s personal needs.

How Long is the First Visit?

Start to finish, it shouldn’t take right about 20-30 minutes depending how long it took you to do the initial paperwork.

How Soon Can You See Me?

In almost any circumstance the same that that you call.

How Late Can I Make an Appointment?

Because our hours are expanded from Monday thru Thursday till 7 pm, we take our last appointment around 6:30 pm.

So even if you don’t have normal hours, we typically hold our office open late so you can get in for treatment.

How Early Can I Make an Appointment?

Our first available appointment everyday of the week is 9 am.