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Neck Pain

How to Stop Neck Pain!

Dr. Venturino, Chiropractor in Tampa FL 33613

Are you suffering from neck pain? Is it painful to turn your head? Do you feel like you just need a neck massage to relieve the pain?

“Neck Pain is the second leading reason patients seek chiropractic”

Is your neck pain the results of a major or minor trauma?

A major trauma like an automobile accident or a slip and fall. Have you been experiencing minor traumas over of time?

Some examples of minor trauma would include:

  1. Sleeping on a non-supportive flat pillow for several months
  2. Working overhead that constantly bends the neck backward
  3. Looking down at your computer monitor all day

If your neck pain is from minor trauma, chances are you probably are not aware of it because it being less noticeable. Small neck distortions over time tend to eventually lead to significant spinal degenerative changes and neck pain.

Are You Experiencing Neck Pain as a Result of Past Trauma?

Eventually these activities can contribute to your neck pain.

Dr. Venturino is a chiropractor in the Tampa, FL 33613 area code has been treating neck pain patients for over 5 years.

Dr. Venturino Explains the Causes of Neck Pain

There are 3 types of minor trauma that cause your neck pain:

  1. Abnormal neck positioning over time
  2. Repetitive neck movement over time
  3. Minor bumps that are highly repetitive

Dr. Venturino will find the cause of your neck pain through a series of diagnostic procedures. Included in the evaluation of neck pain are the consultation, complete orthopedic and neurological examination, range of motions study, nerve conduction tests if necessary, x-rays, blood work, MRI or CAT scan if required.

Whatever the cause of your neck pain Dr. Venturino has routinely demonstrated success in treating neck pain associated with major and minor injuries.

Dr. Venturino Explains the Treatment for Neck Pain

Dr. Venturino Demonstrates the 3 Causes of Neck Pain and How they are Treated

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